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High pure alumina crucibles

High pure alumina crucibles
Product Detailed

1.we can produce all kinds of crucibles
2.various sizes for your references
3.alumina crucible
4,material:alumina ceramic



Alumina ceramic crucible
Zirconia ceramic crucible
ceramic tray, ceramic cup, ceramic boat
Material: 95% 99% 99,7% Al2O3 or zirconia. 

   A) wear-resistant 
   b)anti-high temperature 
   c)mechanical seals good 

   D) anti-corrosion

   e) Anti-friction



Characters of corundum/alumina crucible:

 1. High purity: Al2O3 larger than 99%, high chemical etching resistance;

 2. Temperature tolerance, at 1600°C for long term application, and at 1800°C for short term application

 3. Resistant to sudden cold and hot, un-explosive

 4. High density of slip casting



Main component:  95  Al2O3
properties      Density: 3.6 g/cm2
                water absorption0

                sintering temperature1680 oC
physical propertyHardness: 1500 HV

                Rupture strength: 3000 Kg/cm2

                pressive strength: 25000   Kg/cm2 

thermal property Maximum service temperature: 1450   oC
                Thermal shock resistance: 220 T (oC)

                conductivity: 25-- 14    W/m.k(2 5--300 oC))



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